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Do you treat your daughter and your son differently?

Do dads actually behave differently towards their sons and their daughters? The gender difference might actually cause you to act differently. According to a new study carried out by the American Psychological Association dads are more attentive towards the needs of their daughters than their sons. Especially when they are toddlers dads tend to pay more attention to their daughters and are more in touch with their emotions.

They tend to sing more to their daughters and are more open with their feelings as it is more socially acceptable for girls to be emotional. They also tend to use analytical language while talking to their daughters which can be easily linked to academic achievements in the future.

An unconscious notion of genders can cause us to behave differently towards our children. We must take care of this as it is not only our daughters who need our emotional support but our sons as well. In fact science says that it is beneficial for sons to connect to their emotional side. It is important to recognize that dads might not be paying as much attention to the emotional needs of their sons as they should be.

Also the kind of language you use is very important as it can help your child believe in himself and easily cope up with the issues and hurdles that he/she comes across. You must always talk about the body of your child in a positive manner so that they do not develop any body image issues. For example - Rather than telling your daughter that she is fat that might lead her to have an eating disorder; you should approach her and tell her that she should engage in exercising daily to remain fit.

The gender of your child should not be the reason for different behaviors on behalf of parents. Make sure that you treat both of them equally!

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