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Does your child throw a lot of tantrums?

Like it or not but the fact that your child throws tantrums might actually be your fault. In today's date it is not only our children who are dependent on their screens but it is us adults to. Our need to check our phones and laptops might be the reason for making our children disruptive.

Use of technology definitely effects the duration of attention we give to our children. Parents who spend a lot of time using technology were often able to provide less time to their family. This lack of attention led to their children being more whiny and oversensitive that often caused tantrums.

It is almost an impossible task to balance the important information you're getting from the screen along with the emotional and social information you're getting from your child. You will not be able to process the both effectively.

Not only is it important to limit the time your child spends watching the screen and using different technologies it is also important to limit yours. Pay attention to your child and focus on the things that they tell you. Engage in play time with them. No one is asking you to stop the usage of technology but it is extremely important to limit its use. Technology does connect you to the outside world and keeps you informed but is it really necessary to be using your phone while your child is trying to tell you about his day? Giving up technology altogether is not a realistic thing but you can definitely put your phone away and play in the park with your child or just spend time together talking to them. Not only is attention and time for your child important to his growth and development, it will make the both of you feel more loved and happy.

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