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Grooming tips that men must follow (Lifestyle)

Gone are those days when it was acceptable for men to just roll out of their bed and go about their day. In today's date, it is important for men to stay groomed and look presentable irrespective of what field they're working in. These are a few tips to simplify your grooming routine and ensure that you cover the essentials!

1)Take care of your beard and mustache

Do not trim your beard or mustache when it is wet. When they are wet, the hair would appear to be longer. As a result, you'll end up trimming more than you want to.

Comb through the hair on your beard and mustache, and then cut the extra hair for the desired result.

2)Work on your eyebrows!

Work on maintaining your eyebrows yourself or go to a salon to ask for pro help. No one likes a guy with bushy eyebrows or a uni-brow. Pluck out those extra unruly hair and shape your


3)Take care of your face

Your face is probably your best feature, flaunt it. Take care of the skin on your face. Keep soap away, rather use a face-wash that suits your face type. There are face-washes available for every skin type, be it oily or dry. Figure out the perfect face-wash for your skin type, and do not forget to moisturize.

4) Do NOT pop that pimple

We know that you want to pop that pimple very badly, don't. No matter how much you want to, don't pop it. The only thing popping that thing is gonna do is leave a nasty scar. Let it heal on its own, it'll get better eventually.

5) Get your acne treated

Swap your regular soap for a body wash that suits your skin. Treat the acne on your body as per its need. Visit a dermatologist if necessary.

6) Trim those extra hair

No woman likes a man with hair coming out of his ears or nose. Every woman likes a well maintained guy, so groom yourself. Trim those extra hair, even if you believe they aren't that visible. Girls will notice, they always do.

7)Go for classic deodorants

You see ladies running after men who have sprayed axe, but have you ever seen that happen in reality? No. And neither is it gonna ever happen. Stick with the old classic deodorants, they give you an alpha male aura.

8)Keep a clean shave if you can't grow a beard

No beard is better than a patchy beard. A patchy beard is just gonna make you appear shabby and unkempt. Either trim that beard, or shave it off altogether.

Follow these tips if you want a simple grooming routine. Nothing can stop you from looking great. Just ensure that you take care of the basic beauty needs of your body. Grooming is an aspect which is generally overlooked by many men, do not fall into the same category as them.

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