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How to master a new language

It often happens that you decide to learn a new language. Be it because you want to travel or because you want to be bilingual or multilingual, learning a language is always a good thing. Here are a few tips that will help you master a new language -

1) Material

You need apt material regarding your language. Make sure you get an audio course as that is likely to help you the most. This helps you improve your vocabulary as well as pronunciation. Try listening to these audios while going to work or college as they are gonna help your time go faster as well as help you improve. Pimsleur Language Program is a highly recommended program for learning new languages but if you do not seem to gel with it there are many alternatives available. Keep a grammar guide and a dictionary at hand. If you like to read, get a book in the same language as it is more likely to help you learn and improve.

2) Actually starting with it

Just gathering material isn't going to do the trick. You need to actually start reading, listening and practicing your language course. Start small. Do one lesson per day. You cannot memorize every word of that language but you can start by learning the basics. Go one step at a time.


Once you have learned the basic principles and parameters of a language, you can move ahead. Read dual language books and target tougher words. If you feel that you didn't get the most of one lesson, redo it. Do not jump to the next lesson. Take your time with each lesson and make the most of it.


The time you invest in learning a new language should be apt enough for you to get the most out of it. Frequency matters more than duration. Be regular. Rather than putting two hours twice a week invest half an hour daily.

5)Spread your wings

Once you believe that you have mastered the basics of the language you are ready to take off the training wheels and toughen it up. Try engaging with those who know this language. Read the greatest pieces of literature written in that particular language. It might seem to be tough at first but do not back down. You have come so far, you will get better eventually.

Learning a language is a hard task, but not an impossible one. If you follow these tips and guidelines you are likely to learn a new language in a short period of time. So go, start learning!

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