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Is your SEO mobile friendly?

Almost every person has a mobile phone in today's date. Mobiles can drive a large amount of traffic towards your website. But how do you improve the ranking of your website? There are many factors that play a role. A few of them are - 1) Keywords You must ensure that your targeted keywords have been sufficiently used in the body of the content. Make sure that you don't over optimize the text. It often happens that an SEO firm makes the mistake of using the keyword repeatedly, make sure that you do not do that. The use of keywords in external links is bad for your website. If you use keywords in external links google might believe that the other website has more relevant information than your page. 2) Site speed If your website loads fast it is more likely to drive traffic towards itself. The average time your site takes to load should be 1.10 seconds. The maximum time it takes to load should be three seconds. If your website takes longer than that people are most likely to close the tab and look for other results. 3) Steer clear of pop ups Pop ups are hated by all users. They take up space and don't let the users work. Having to tackle pop ups becomes even more frustrating when the user is on your website using the tiny screen of his phone. 4) Avoid using small elements and font size Using small fonts will make it difficult for the user to read your site's content. Also, if you make use of small elements such as small tick boxes or small buttons; your user will find it hard to navigate and operate the website from his mobile phone. 5) Authenticity of content and the word count You must make sure that your content is unique and isn't duplicated or plagiarized. The content should be rich and you must limit the word count. Content ranging from 700 to 1000 words is more than enough. 6) Images Images tend to have a stronger impact on users when compared to text. Make sure that you reduce the file size and the dimensions so that the image doesn't take too long to load. You should have roughly four images per page. Don't put it any more images than that as the page might appear to be cluttered. For your SEO firm there are many other factors that you should take into consideration such as the local SEO, the social signals, internal links, technical errors, flash, AMP etc. All of them play some role or the other in increasing or decreasing the rank of your site.

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