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New things to try on iOS 10

iPhone 7 and 7+ is finally here and along with them is iOS 10 for everyone with a compatible device. Thus its time to start tinkering with the latest software to learn all the tricks that iOS 10 can now perform. Here is a condensed list of them to help you out -

• A faster camera

Now when using wake or sleep/wake bottom to get to the lock a single swipe to the left gets you straight into the camera which is easier than swiping up on the camera icon as in iOS 9.

• Get rid of those stock apps

iOS 10 finally lets you get rid of some those stock apps like maps, podcasts and contacts. Just tap and hold on the app to see the little cross button to remove them.

• More emojis!

A little more than a 100 emojis have been added to iOS 10. So no matter how to feel rest assured that there is an emoji waiting for you. Not to forget with different male and female versions.

• More space with less tunes

iOS is here to help you free up more space. Just head to music in settings and under optimize storage enable iCloud music library. iOS 10 will then automatically delete local copies of songs you haven’t listened to in a while if you are low on space.

• Intensify the flashlight

In iOS 10 pull up control centre and hard press the flashlight option. His will pull up a menu where you can change the intensity of the flashlight between low, medium and high.

• Replace text with emojis

Now you can get the messages app to tell you which emojis is best suited for which words. Just type out the message and press the emoji option on your iMessages app and it will highlight any words which can be replaced with an emoji. Just tap the word to swap it for its emoji.

• Get lyrics

Now get lyrics to the songs you are playing in apple music. Just press the lyrics option on the now playing screen.

• Transcribe your voicemails

Just go to the voicemail tab of the phone app and alongside your missed calls you can see their transcription.

• Quickly access your regular places

iOS 10 comes with a smarter siri. Now you can quickly look up places you recently searched for or visited and make them accessible with just a tap.

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