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Signs that your interview went great(Work and Productivity)

All of us have gone for an interview at least once in our lives. Sweaty palms and nervous smiles are something common during these interviews. All of us are bound to worry after the interview regarding the finality of our position in the firm. Here are a few tell tales which might help you worry less about how your interview went -

1) They talked about perquisites and pay

If your interviewer was discussing perks, policies and pay he is most likely to put an offer up the table. If they didn't want you to become a part of their firm they wouldn't bother telling you so much about the perks and pay.

2)They asked for references

The interviewer is unlikely to ask you for a reference list if he isn't interested in keeping you permanently. It is generally the second last step before the job offer.

3)You were asked to come back for another round of discussion

If the interviewer is interested in keeping you permanently, he is most likely to call you for another round of interviews or discussions.

4)They did not hurry to end the interview and it ran over the allotted time

If the interviewer doesn't seem in a hurry to end the interview, it is a good sign. If he disliked you he would attempt to cut the interview short. If the interviewer tries to sell you on the company and ends up running over the allotted time of the interview it is most likely a good sign.

5)They asked you questions regarding your personal life and were mostly smiling

If the interviewer is asking you questions related to your personal life such as your hobbies and interests and questions about your family, take it as a positive sign. If they keep on smiling through the interview it is a positive sign as well. So don't worry and be at ease while answering those questions.

Don't be disappointed if you feel that you haven't done well in the interview, you most likely did good. And even if you didn't do that great, there are more interviews to come.

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