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Reasons behind that employee turnover

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

Employee turnover effects every company no matter how big or small. It is a growing problem that has adverse effects on the growth of any company. Why do employees decide to leave? Bad supervisors are one of the main reason behind employee turnover. If employees feel that they are getting poor supervision they are most likely to quit the company. It is possible that there is interpersonal conflict between the employee and the supervisor. There can be a communication gap or an attitude problem that can end up affecting the work of the employee. It is possible that there is no issue on either side but somehow they don't gel well together. DISC is the perfect tool as it will show you the disc workplace profile and you'll be able to make changes accordingly. It will help you build high performing teams and resolve interpersonal conflict. The supervisors might have poor management skills because of their lack of proper training in this department. They might lack the experience that is required to train and motivate employees. It often happens that employees are promoted internally as a reward for loyalty and tenure. Before you decide to hire or promote someone assess them, check their disc workplace profile. If you are not doing so at least compare them with the other possible candidates and then tell them their areas of improvement. If you think that the supervisor is the cause of the turnover, ask questions like - “has he/she received adequate training?” , “Does one supervisor have less or more turnover than the other supervisor?” etc. If you believe that the supervisor is not the reason for the turnover then ask questions like - 1) What is the duration after which employees are leaving? Is it a few months or a few years? 2) Are you providing your old employees enough opportunities to grow? 3) Are you providing your new employees enough opportunities to learn? 4) Are the wages less? The best way to prevent employee turnover is to practice an effective leadership development. Also, ensure that you have a good hiring process and you carefully screen every candidate as if an employee quits it is going to be a tedious task to get a new employee who is as good as the previous one. It is important to place the right employee with the right supervisor so that maximum benefit can be derived with the least number of issues. Make sure that your supervisors have adequate training and are able to motivate employees to do better. It is important to remember that supervisors are not the sole reason for an employee turnover, make sure you take other factors into consideration as well. It is possible that they employee feels that the wages aren't competitive enough or that he isn't able to grow.

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