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5S and Lean Management Training in India

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

No matter which company or organization you are a part of, you keep on trying to be the best out there. There are constant approaches to improve the productivity as well as the quality of the work being produced and presented. Your employees are your most valuable resource and can be the reason behind your company's rapid growth in terms of success. There are various trainings that your employees could excel in, but which training should you go for and with which agency? You can't go through hundreds of agencies, that is just sheer wastage of time and resources. Skillwise Consulting is one of the leading agencies when it comes to training. Out of the hundred different trainings out there, one training which you must ensure that your employees go through is the 5S and Lean Management Training.

What does 5S stand for

There are certain rules that are to be followed while running an organization. There is a certain discipline that is required. 5S stands for the five disciplines that are required to maintain a system within any company. The 5S stand for Sort, Set, Shine, Standardization and Sustain. Sort refers to the necessity of sorting out all the necessary resources required for work as compared to the ones who merely hamper productivity. Set refers to the arrangement of everything that can or might be required during work placed in an orderly manner. Shine refers to keeping the workplace clean and shiny. Standardization refers to standardizing the way in which you are supposed to keep your workplace clean. Sustain refers to committing to all of the four things mentioned above. Skillwise Consulting provides you with training that is based on action and the practical element as compared to the theoretical element and hence prepares you for the real world.

Why is Lean Management Necessary

The professionals here at Skillwise Consulting teach you how to reduce wastage. There are certain unwanted activities that don't contribute to the value of the product or the service and just waste resources, it is necessary to cut these out of your procedures to ensure optimum utilization of resources. It is not possible to implement huge changes in once, you need to start with small changes. Lean Management focuses on gradual improvement as a result of slow changes. Skillwise consulting has the latest technology which is relevant in your field and the professionals here make sure that all your employees are well aware regarding their use as well. Not only do they explain the concept of Lean Management, they help make you understand how you can use it in your organization effectively. By going for 5S and Lean Management Training with the help of Skillwise Consulting you will definitely save money in the long run as it focuses on optimum utilization of resources with minimal time wastage. By cutting out all the unrequired activities of your process, you save time which can be invested elsewhere. So what are you waiting for? Contact Skillwise Consulting today!

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