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Web designing mistakes companies often make

A good website compliments your company and gives the user an insight into it. But often companies end up making mistakes on their website which rather than attracting the user pushes him away. You need to ensure that your website steers clear of these mistakes. But how do you know whether your website has these errors or not? Is your company making these mistakes? you needn't worry as here is a list of mistakes which will help you check whether you are making any of those mistakes or not - 1) Dark background with light text If your website has a dark background and light text it will become difficult for the user to read the content. The text won't seem pleasing to the eyes and it will be difficult to read once when printed. Printing it will be a tough task too as the light color of text won't show on the dark background. 2) Lots of graphics If you use a lot of graphics and images your website will end up looking cluttered. Too many elements on the page will make it difficult for the user to read and browse through. No web designing company wants that their website to take a lot of time to load as it won't attract any users. Your content will not be easy to read if it is hidden between a lot of graphics. The user won't be able to focus at any single element of your website and will keep on getting distracted. 3) Heavy banners If your website has heavy banners it is likely to take a lot of time to load and irritate the user. No user wants to wait for an image or video to load which they might not find worth. Heavy banners can take a lot of time to load and users don't generally wait for more than three seconds for a website to load. If it takes more time than that they just end up closing the website which no company wants. 4) Poor content Quality content can make or make the reputation of a web designing company. If your content is not unique and strong the user won't find it of any use. Your content should not lack originality. Make sure you aren't copying your content from any other website. No one is going to respect your company if they find out that your content is plagiarized. Be thorough with your content. Spend time on content development as well its execution. At the end of the day any user is surfing websites for information that solves their problems, if they come across your website and find their solution they are likely to become a regular user of your website. 5) Hit counters Hit counters show the number of hits that your website has gotten. Until and unless your website gets many hits every day you shouldn't include a hit counter in your website. If a user opens your website and sees that your website only has five hits they might get disappointed and doubt the work that your company can do. 6) Link Building Avoid giving too many links in your content. If you give links after every sentence or paragraph then it will seem that your website doesn't have any content that is worthy enough or useful enough for them and that it is just a compilation of links that will lead them to more informative content. Hopefully the mistakes mentioned above will help you find out if you are committing any of these errors in your website or not. If you are, remember that they can be easily fixed and it is nothing to worry about!

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