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What is a Disc Assessment Test?

Self-awareness is essential to one’s success. Self awareness enables you to analyze and understand different situations that will drive you to achieve more. You will try to achieve the objectives that you had set for yourself and will understand what was actually holding you back from achieving success. You will learn how to align your personality traits and achieve all that you desire. DISC profile assessment is not infect a test. If it were a test you’d either pass or fail, but this infact assesses the way you behave as well as different behavioral styles. The only way you can actually fail a DISC profile assessment is by lying on it. You can learn a lot of value from these tools. Your assessor can conduct this test for a variety of reasons. He might use DISC to see how you would gel with your teammates Chances are your assessor wants to use DISC to see how you would fit with different team members, if you’ll be happy doing the work he assigns you, what your strengths and weaknesses are and where you can actually shine. You must remember that you should be absolutely true to who you are and answer accordingly. If you lie on the test and tell that you behave in a different way than you actually do, you will end up failing the test as that is not who you are. The DISC Personality Profile is based on the work of renowned psychologist Dr. William Moulton Marston. He introduced it in his 1928 book "Emotions of Normal People". William Marston developed the DISC Personality Profile after he studied a variety of things. He studied different personality traits, instinctual reactions of a number of people as well as their behavioral patterns. Marston was able to develop the DISC assessment as a result of his work. He made it as a tool to measure the four primary behavioral traits. Behavioral styles are broadly grouped into four categories : - Dominance In this category a person places emphasis on being more confident and accomplishing results. - Influence In this category a person places emphasis on persuading others as well as influencing them, relationships as well as openness. - Steadiness In this category a person places emphasis on sincerity, dependability as well as cooperation. - Conscientiousness In this category a person places emphasis on competency, expertise, quality as well as accuracy. The DISC profile is non a judgmental tool. It is simply used for discussing various behavioral differences. If you take the test you will have to answer and complete a series of questions. Once you’re done answering the questions you will get a detailed report regarding your behavior and personality. Most of the people are dominant in one of the four DISC Styles but the test marks the person in all the categories. Rather than being a personality test, DISC is more of a personality profiling system. It is not just a way to label your personality. It can be used to implement solutions so that the strengths can be maximized and weaknesses can be minimized. It is used in various places and fields such as education, sales, counselling, business etc. There are many applications of this, the primary ones are – Building abilities that enables good leadership, strengthening of communication skills, choosing goals which can be achieved, increasing motivation as well as boosting performance and productivity. Despite these it also helps in strengthening workplace skills, cultivating productive study habits, constructing strong teams etc. The DISC Test and DISC Assessment is used around the world and has a variety of applications. A DISC test provides with a constructive way to discuss the different ways in which people think, act and interact.

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