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Why to go for a Mustang?

Mustang has been one of the oldest continuously produced models in the history of cars. It carries a rich lineage of cars that has been challenged by Porsche and Chevrolet occasionally. Mustangs have been used in multiple movies such as “Charlie's Angels”, “Gone in 60 seconds” and the muscle car never fails to impress. Mustangs have been preferred over the rest due to the ready availability of spare parts and affordable maintenance. There are a variety of models all with different features how do you decide which one to go for? Not all of us can afford a new car whenever a new model is released, so maybe it is time to buy used ford mustang? Since the original model debuted in 1963, Mustang has sold around ten million cars. Mustang aimed to attract the youth and the young buyers who would love a muscle car. It was priced under $2500 and weighed less than 2500 pounds. This new car caused an uproar and ended up selling twenty-two thousand units on the day it launched. In its first two years in the market Mustang sold one million vehicles clearly showcasing the love of the youth for the car. If you are hell bent to buy used ford mustang, how do you choose which model of the muscle is right for you? The kind of Mustang you like clearly depends on your tastes and preferences. If you prefer the classic shape of the car, it is advisable to go for the earlier models. The Mustangs belonging to the 1970s can be seen having a “bulky” and a more “muscly” appeal. The Mustangs of 1980's had a “boxed” appeal whereas the Mustangs belonging to the 1990s can be seen with rounded edges. The designs released around the mid 2000s can see a touch of the retro era. GT350('65 and '15) and GT500('67 and later) are highly powerful cars and their price has reached six figures, falling under the category of collectibles. The Mustang started with the price of $2300 and a 170-cu-in V8 along with the option of a 260-cu-in V8. Since the release of the first model Mustang has seen around ten generations. Ford introduced it as a two seat concept car. The car became a four-seater in 1964-1965. The Mustang inspired a new series of cars referred to as “pony cars” which had an emphasis on performance and were affordable compact cars that had a sporty style. The Mustang has been completely redesigned and is currently in its sixth generation. Chevrolet Camaro is considered to be Mustang's toughest competition. The Camaro was discontinued after its fourth generation in 2002. However, it has returned in 2010 and had an excellent response. The Mustang has been the iconic car of America and will probably remain the top of its class in the future as well.

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